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Brow mapping, also known as eyebrow mapping, is a technique used in eyebrow shaping and design. It involves using specific measurements and angles to create a customised shape for an individual’s eyebrows that complements their facial features.

The process of brow mapping typically involves the use of a brow pencil or other tool to mark several points on the eyebrows, including the starting point, arch, and end point. These points are determined based on the individual’s facial structure, such as the position of their eyes and nose.

Once the points are marked, the brow artist can use them as a guide to shape the eyebrows using various techniques such as waxing, tweezing, or threading. By using brow mapping, the artist can create a more symmetrical and balanced look for the eyebrows that enhances the individual’s overall appearance.

Brow mapping can be especially helpful for individuals who have sparse or uneven eyebrows, or for those who are looking to change the shape of their brows.


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